Field Theory Basics

First, theres a vocableary needed to even begin to understand what goes on in a science where very little is seen. Dielectricity Counterspace Space Coherency Magnetism Inertia & Acceleration Force & Motion Centripedal & Convergent Centrifugal & Divergent Aaaaand Electricity I hope thats enough to cover the start of what constitutes a basic holistic understanding of whassup. First, Dielectricity. Everything that constitutes mass has (is) … Continue reading Field Theory Basics

Pleasure doing bismuth

So if you’re into materials science or metallurgy (or magnet toys) you should know that bismuth is the most dia-magnetic of all elements (and quite possibly, the prettiest). Reading on this further, apparently its diamagmetism is not an autonomous trait in itself, but a post-attribute to its “insanely, insanely high dielectric inertia”. Now, I’d love to explain exactly what that means and why its so … Continue reading Pleasure doing bismuth

Acoustic fire extinguisher pt.2

Aaaalrighty, so I’ve done very near 0 research for this post, but not without reason.  I vividly remember there being a tech video or article or something about a military “thunder generator“. Its intended to be a non-lethal dissuading tool for people going in military areas that are off-limits. They claimed linear sound that travels faster than the speed of sound. Still trying to comprehend … Continue reading Acoustic fire extinguisher pt.2