Field Theory Basics

First, theres a vocableary needed to even begin to understand what goes on in a science where very little is seen.

  • Dielectricity
  • Counterspace
  • Space
  • Coherency
  • Magnetism
  • Inertia & Acceleration
  • Force & Motion
  • Centripedal & Convergent
  • Centrifugal & Divergent


  • Electricity

I hope thats enough to cover the start of what constitutes a basic holistic understanding of whassup.

First, Dielectricity. Everything that constitutes mass has (is) dielectricity. Dielectricity attracts other dielectricity, and the mode of attraction is acceleration, or exponential increase in velocity. That is why gravity is acceleration. There is “gravitation” and co-gravitation among all things that have mass.

Counterspace, i.e. anything with mass, and the gradient “gravitation” that mass has to it. All physical things are counter-space, because they’re kinda not space. Not too hard, right? All counterspace attracts other counterspace (because theyre all dielectricity)

Space. NOTHING. Emptiness. Does nothing, acts on nothing. (So its not some fabric, there is no bending space.) Space is a byproduct of enough counterspace having attracted in certain areas, leaving reeeeeeeeally really thin parts in between them, if not just absolute nothingness. Space is only measured as space between given coordinates, not volume. Noone can quantify actual space.

Side Tip! Where there is greater space, there is less counterspace, and where there is greater counterspace, there is less space. Go ahead and think of it like yin and yang, where one is greater, the other is less. Push and pull. Lots of “gravity” on a planet repels space just as fast.

Coherency, absolute focus as one. What turns a light bulb into a laser. What turns the overall charge of a cloud into lightning. What turns the hunk of useless neodymium-iron-boron into a pretty sickly strong N52 magnet. Coherency is not many things working together, but all acting as one. Not uniformity, but wholeness. 

Magnetism, discharge of dielectricity. Discharged dielectricity neccessitates reciprocation by means of the toroidal shape magnetism exhibits. What seperates magnets before and after their magnetism is, their dielectric interatomic field coherency. Imagine if you could focus the direction of all the gravity in any object. Turns out you can, and theyre called magnets. Magnets normal weight is their inherent, counterspacial acceleration towards *down*, our planet. But, thats just the result of the counterspace existing. Charging them will make the individual fields of the atoms align with the APPLIED field, so they then act in unison. No QUANTitative difference, but a huge QUALitative difference. Quality exemplified, but quantity wasnt changed a bit. So, they have both their inherent boring weight of normal things, and their exponential weight (or not) depending on how its oriented. Anyways, lots to cover on magnetism. Next.

Inertia and acceleration are the result of dielectricity acting on other dielectricity. Inertia and acceleration can be observed through gravity. Inertia and acceleration are also the north and south “poles” of a magnet (where there is actually no magnetism at all.)

Force and motion are the result of the radiation that IS magnetism. The “outward-bound” part of the field lines, since dielectricity needs to come back once its left. The force and motion are the ACTUAL magnetism part of a magnetic field. They are the yang of inertia’s yin. Where there is NOT inertia nor acceleration, there are force and motion, (usually towards inertia and acceleration). Its like fountains and drains. Force and motion is always spewing out and away (thus, creating space) while the north and south are voidance that are the guided counterspace, like a drain.

Centripedal and convergent. Centripedal meaning the inward part of a spin, and convergent meaning joining or squishing, again like a drain. The north and south “poles” of magnets are centripedal, convergent points of acceleration, and inertia 😱 which is what explains attraction! But only at the poles? Yes. Magnetism is NOT attraction, just displacement. Just moving stuff. Very uniform moving of stuff I will say, but still just displacement.

Centrifugal and divergent. Centrifugal meaning the outward part of a spin, and divergent meaning separating or spreading, like a fountain spray or a shotgun blast. The corners of a magnet are centrifugal, divergent points of force and motion 😱 which is what explains magnetisms funky motions and such! But only at the sides? Yes. Again, magnetism is not attraction, and this centrifugal divergent property of *discharged dielectricity* will behave as if JUST to move stuff, one way or the other. Not attract. This centrifugal divergence actually creates space, or lessens the co-acceleration that IS counterspace towards other counterspace. Actual magnetism is space generation, or counterspace nulling. (Spreading what was convergent, so in effect, nulling.)

Lastly, electricity is simply magnetism and dielectricity combined, so splitting one from tht other generates both. An electromagnet for example, uses electricity and then discharges the dielectricity, leaving only magnetism and more magnetism.

I hope you guys enjoyed, typing this took way too long lol (even if it was just like 30 minutes)

And as always, enjoy your stay in esoterica :3


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