Pleasure doing bismuth

So if you’re into materials science or metallurgy (or magnet toys) you should know that bismuth is the most dia-magnetic of all elements (and quite possibly, the prettiest). Reading on this further, apparently its diamagmetism is not an autonomous trait in itself, but a post-attribute to its “insanely, insanely high dielectric inertia”. Now, I’d love to explain exactly what that means and why its so revolutionary, but I dont understand it either yet lol I’ll be sure to make simple pictures or charts or whatever I deem most simple to be able to explain such a wonderous phenomena to my lovely readers. As of now, I think I’ll have to buy a couple books from Eric Dollard, C.p. Steinmetz, and some other guy, I think Ernst Guillemin. To be continued.

P.s. ALLLLLLRIGHT so inertia is the attraction OF material things (inherent dielectric bundles, because mass is nothing more than concentrations of enough dielectricity to warrant physicality.) to other things; BECAUSE dielectricity attracts dielectricity. So if “things” are all electrical, all mass neccessitates acceleration towards other mass. I feel like I’d need to do a full lesson to explain that. You know what? Yes. Ill do that, very briefly….known as Field Theory Basics. But, as bismuth is, high dielectric inertia means that whatever dielectric influence is happening on the inside of it will continue to happen for quite some time, just as things with high thermal mass take more time to change temperature or things that weigh more are harder to move. The dielectric inertia (also acceleration) is insanely high. Setting an inertial clockwise field will be continued inside the bismuth for quite some time, also known as “programming” bismuth. 


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