I apologize in advance

I’m pretty well aware of there being not a single reader as of writing this, but I apologize in advance for not having a constant update of articles showcasing my ideas in architecture and combat systems. I’m also taking it like a solid reason not to worry about it.

Anyways, the reason for my indefinite AFK is that I’ve more recently become interested in Ether manipulation and understanding what USED TO be (through my former default mindset of a physicist) the faint signal of “the language of nature” I could never have imagined to learn as much of as I have. Rather than my usual material manipulative mindset, and imagining mechanisms…Ive been shaped to see the possibilities that physicists deem irrelevant due to limitations in physics or in technology. I have caught myself thinking of ways to live beyond physics, (yes, I’m dead serious.) and due to that, my “explain” drive was kicked off a ladder and rests peacefully in a metaphorical coma until “learn” drive is ready to step down. For the forseeable future, I’ll more than likely have no/very few original ideas to add to my articles here. Though, when the inevitable day comes that I’m ready to ‘splain it, it will be an interesting day for you and the rest of my readers. I’ll still be in-contact-able if anyones interested in discussion, and the name of the youtube channel responsible for this flame of curiosity is “Theoria Apophasis”.

Thank you for your interest and patience, and I hope you’ve enjoyed your stay in esoterica. Come again c: 

P.s. I’m always down to get into deep (non-existential/metaphysical) discussion. Real stuff. Present or ideally future. I’m seriously bored all the time so odds are, if you contact me, I’m already looking at my phone, or I’m within inches of it. I only tend to the blog because I have so much time to myself lol


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