Acoustic fire extinguisher pt.2

Aaaalrighty, so I’ve done very near 0 research for this post, but not without reason. 

I vividly remember there being a tech video or article or something about a military “thunder generator“. Its intended to be a non-lethal dissuading tool for people going in military areas that are off-limits. They claimed linear sound that travels faster than the speed of sound. Still trying to comprehend how that would work without air being not-air levels of *significantly thicker*. SomeTHING travelling through air faster than the speed of sound obviously isnt a problem. But claiming that sound can travel faster than a rule that defines what it is? I’ll believe it when it makes sense. 

Anyways, regardless of their claim of sound thats faster than sound, the implication of using it as an acoustic fire extinguisher remains. Instead of a single burst, it would just need to keep a stream long enough in time to guide it to areas that need to be put out. Its significantly more specialized for high power long range acoustic linear delivery, and I personally think it fits the bill way closer than the LRAD system. At least for this purpose. I’ll do some research and update this with whatever I find useful. 


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