Tungsten steel carmor

(In more detail than the intro post) 

About half a year ago (the dates are fuzzy, everything blends together when you’re a NEET) when we had every channel on fancy DVR, I watched an on-demand episode of doomsday preppers in which a guy and his friends add steel framing and plating to a hokey truck-thing that totally wasnt prepared for it. The suspension after they loaded it up looked like a fully geared-up marine with muscular dystrophy after “the crucible” training. Even then, this wasnt the only episode where guys have done that to their cars (and even weirder, all the cars also look like ford bronco’s too). 

So, halfway through the episode, theres an actual wildfire threat just a few miles upwind of them, and they had to pack up and leave during filming. That had given me the idea, what if the car-tank was firestorm proof? What if the car shape itself wasnt impeded by a custom armor built to be perfect for the car?

After the threat was over and they went back, they tested out the car tank by driving it through fences and a bonfire they had made in their yard. I remember the driver saying something along the lines of “the brakes are holding up well”…riiiiight. Poor brakes :/ the easiest part of a marathon is the first 30 seconds lol. Regardless. The perfect doomsday car has armor thats lightweight (relatively…or a car thats prepared for it at least), bulletproof, fireproof, reperable, and permanent…….and sexy…

  • I figured ceramics are great at heat resistance, but suck for actual armor ballistic wise.
  • Anything conventional has an obscenely high coefficient of thermal expansion, such as aluminum or (rarely) steel, which is better, but far from doomsday ready, regarding “firestorm proof”.
  • And even if I were to come up with the perfect shell for toughness (being both hardness and flexural strength together, to absorb significant stress), I would have to figure out the ideal inexpensive under-layer for absorbing and dispersing the shock of whatever may happen.

SO, I’ll save you guys the details of the 8 hours of flow-state research I encountered. Turns out, MIT is working on this project too. Subsequently meaning I’ve figured out something thats an MIT level project! Figuring that out was actually more disappointing than flattering, since I know my time to shine is further off than the students that attend there. I’ll get what I need, all in due time.

So, I concluded that a Tungsten laced steel would be the perfect material, and making it a metal foam (by gassing it out with micro or nano bubbles to make a metal “head” that would harden into a greater volume) would both: decrease the density, and increase the dispersion of energy throughout the medium. 

Having these Tungsten-steel foam plates on a Nitinol undercoat would mean you could treat a dent in the armor by putting a blowtorch to it, indie-space-videogame-repair-button style. Having little square or hexagonal plates over the body with near-invisible teeny gaps in between gives it enough room for each tile to distort, should it get shot or something, instead of just cracking and splitting the whole body down from the impact point. Repairs would then be easier and cheaper. The nitinol underskin shouldnt be too bad, and the plates can just be replaced.

Then, about four or five months after coming to that conclusion about my carmor, (hence why the greater detail in this post) I had come across an article about how an israeli materials scientist has been spending lots of her time proving that TUNGSTEN STEEL FOAM, a “revolutionary new material” has been confirmed the best bulletproof material to date; and has videos showing its risilience to gunfire and the rounds “exploding on impact”. You guys as readers can only imagine the ecstacy of knowing I had nailed that result months before. I can hardly wait to implement it on my favorite car. I would be tempted to crash in it to update the blog lol but itll proooobably be on a self-driving car, so odds are slim.

Anyways, I hope this wasnt too much babble. And enjoy your stay in Esoterica!


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