So heres my schedule



Keravno” is my alarm.

So…I’ll do what I can to stay consistent, but:

  1. I’m tyyypically focused on the stuff I haven’t done yet, meaning I’m probably not going to know enough to feel confident in sharing new information. I’ll feel like a distributor of false information and I couldn’t tolerate that. What I tend to share is stuff I’m done with and have moved on from mentally.
  2. I get lazy, I need that inspiration to be able to write something on something I’ve done or am interested in (and knowlegable enough to contribute to, see 1.)

So my alarm knows right when to tell me about it, but my fickle human nature tends to compromise that. Sorry guys. Its probably only a 2/3rds chance it’ll even be on sundays in general, let alone weekly. I’ll probably try and keep myself to finishing something that’s taken longer than a week, so those I’ll publish the second I finish. 


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