Get cozy

This is my first post, go figure.

“If you like, use this post to tell readers why you started this blog and what you plan to do with it.”

Alright, well I figured I’d name the blog according to the only kind of things I’d like to see on it. Keravno is Greek for lightning bolt, and I figured if there’s a place to have information to *spark* an interest in science, technology, engineering, and sustainability, it should be here.

Really, all I want out of this blog (should it get popular among many intellectuals that have been seemingly missing from my life for way too long) is to share the optimism and discoveries/revelations I have about everything in everyday life. I like MBTI as a means to work with people and properly “code-switch” for everyone differently for the best communication. Erry’body welcome, but REALLY this is for venting iNtuitive revelations and keeping instinctive curiosity fed with an air of community that isn’t met by most other research websites.


I really started the blog because I wanted a Gravatar for my Ethereum wallet account and I had to sign up with WordPress to use said Gravatar xD

AAAAAAnyways, if yawl’ come across anything you feel is worth sharing, we should totes start a blog making this discovery known. Personally, I think I’d benefit from this the most. It’s hard to get outside opinions on things like the feasibility of solid hydrogen carbide motorcycle frames and the power consumption of an LRAD guarded circular private property without a dedicated (even if just tiny) community of people able and willing to give genuine constructive feedback (or shoot it down if need be, no judging).

Everyone is equal in The Kingdom, dreamers are dreamers alike, and this is a place of refuge for you downtrodden genius miracle workers. PLEASE don’t be shy, everyone has dreams. We’ll look at you funny if you say nothing. Here, the point is to bring passions to life, with the combined free knowledge and support of the minds society needs more of.

So, welcome to KeravnoTalk. It’s motives are constant and in the ever-present quest for clarity, wisdom, and progress in a world of misunderstanding and missed opportunities.

So please, enjoy your stay.


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